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espanso is a better replacement for Alfred snippets. I find it fast, accessible everywhere, and not interfered by or with others apps unlike Alfred. espanso + Albert is a perfect replacement for Alfred on Linux.

Some lines in my base.yml file


# rstudio themes

- trigger: "..default"

replace: 'rstudioapi::applyTheme("Textmate (Default)"'

- trigger: "..tmrw"

replace: 'rstudioapi::applyTheme("Tomorrow")'

- trigger: "..ntmrw"

replace: 'rstudioapi::applyTheme("Tomorrow Night")'

- trigger: "..80stmrw"

replace: 'rstudioapi::applyTheme("Tomorrow Night 80s")'

- trigger: "bntmrw"

replace: 'rstudioapi::applyTheme("Tomorrow Night Bright")'

- trigger: "..dra"

replace: 'rstudioapi::applyTheme("Dracula")'

- trigger: "..sold"

replace: 'rstudioapi::applyTheme("Solarized Dark")'

- trigger: "..soll"

replace: 'rstudioapi::applyTheme("Solarized Light")'

- trigger: "..dailies"

replace: "https://dailies.rstudio.com/"

# R ---------------------

- trigger: "..rdate"

replace: "`r format.Date(Sys.Date(), '%B %d, %Y')`"

- trigger: "..in"

replace: "%in% "

- trigger: "..mx"

replace: "%*% "

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I've been using Espanso on macOS and Pop!_os (System76's tuned Ubuntu).

What I don't like: haven't yet figured out how to expand with newlines or to reset the Alt button not to toggle it on/off. Both are probably fixable. How's that for lazy evaluation? That's it.

What I do like:

1. No noticeable difference between OS

2. Doesn't crash

3. Un-opinionated. I can use ";" to start a trigger. That's about the easiest metakey imaginable--in hands on the keyboard mode it is always under my right pinky. No cording.

4. Flat-file snippet database

5. You don't have to remember where you put the snippets, because $expanso edit shell command remembers

6. You can use the editor set in the shell by default

7. The syntax isn't fussy

I'll confine myself to The Magic Number Seven because there really aren't enough good things I can say about this.

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