R 4.2 Released; A Map Projection Playground; Fresh[er] Meat
macOS Multitasking Made Easy; Email Bias Filtering; Internet Networking Challenges; Dodgy 🇷🇺 Certs
ShellCheck ✅; Dagger 🗡; CI/CD Design Principles
I Have The Power[line]!; Chartwell; ALL YOUR [GAME] FONTS ARE BELONG TO US
Tart; Play This PDF; Space Ball. BONUS: "A Byte of Coding"
Scraping The Heap; Mars Garbage; The Columbo Cinematic Universe; Just One More Thing
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Zellij; Wasm Command-Line Playground: jq; Stargate Alive
In The Dark; Five Tips For Making More Accessible Visualizations; Privacy Tools
Cybersecurity, Interesting Social Coding Repos, Ukraine Happenings, And Saving Democracy
Hands-on WebAssembly (Wasm); JupyterLite; If The Model Don't Fit You Must Acquit
Leonardo; Seeing With Fresh Eyes: Meaning, Space, Data, Truth; Colors Of The Year